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GarretOxync  17.10.19 16:01

Mortontub  17.10.12 08:35

RandySog  17.06.26 13:38

AnthonyEurob  17.04.14 22:12

JimmyNam  17.03.01 10:22

carver()  07.05.26 00:32

i am summer training cycle and inline skating and soccer~!!

maca  07.04.20 17:28

Hello friends Vos videos are excellent to Continue congratulations

yeon  07.04.20 18:31

thanks you Maca ...... good luck

Celine  07.04.19 19:00

Congrats, hope I\\\'ll have an opportunity to ride with the Korea EC team next winter...I should be in Beijing in Dec & January :-)

yeonsoo  07.04.19 20:54

Hello nice to meet you... i want to riding with you...

fivat  07.04.19 07:03

Excellent! Congratulations for the good work!
A friend of mine, from Korea but living in my city (Geneva - Switzerland), has read your Web site and told me that it\\\'s very cool!
I would love to come in Korea and/or Japan for extremecarving one day!

dw Cho  07.04.21 11:28

Hello Fivat. welcome to our EC site.
I like your riding style.
I think, your riding is very smooth and flexible.
so usally I go to slope after see your EC video. :) and I do EC like you... actually I want do EC like you. :))
I like \\\"lifted\\\" video more then other EC video. and your funny action of openning is make me smile. :) so so funny .... :)
anyway welcome to visit korea EC site.

jeanma  07.04.19 03:01

Very good, magnifique les amis, let me know if you come to Paris one day

yeonsoo  07.04.19 10:28

how are you jeanma wlcome to our site... maybe
i\\\'ll go swiss this winter..
if i have a free, i want to meet you..thanks you

nils  07.04.19 00:30

Hello guys! Its nice to see your Extremecarving site up! Hopefull we learn korean language soon to understand everything! We\\\'ll announce good news for next season soon, so stay tuned!
Nils / Swoard team

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